Welcome to Sydra Gardshorn our farm in the most beautiful valley in Northern Iceland!


Horse riding holidays in North Iceland


We offer an exclusive experience of the Iceland horse in its homeland

You stay with our family in our house on the farm.

Single - or double bedrooms. We take up to two people at the time.

Everyone gets their horse assigned on the first day, with which you can go for a accompanied ride in our valley with IPZV coach Tina B every day. (Weather permitting)

We train/back young horses, and we don’t mind if you would like to watch us during training.

Phone: 00354 4878009 Mobile : 00354 6624216 ( We speak German and English!)

Each season has its own charm and everyone has to decide for themselves what they would like to experience!

Here's a quick overview of the seasons:

January :

Ice and snow prevail . Now and then maybe even a snowstorm.

The ski areas in Dalvik are open and the days are slowly getting longer .

February / March :

Now you can clearly see that the darkest period is finally over , but winter is in full swing and almost certainly everything will be covered with snow.

When the winter sun shines you believe to be in winter paradise. Now riding competitions are being held on frozen lakes. And the riders ride their horses at high speed over the ice!

April / May :

The mountains still covered with snow in the valley it could already thaw . Spring is just around the corner .

The Ski resorts are still open , the golf course is not playable ...yet!

Also the time of our lambs to be born . New life is awakening in the valley it smells of wet soil and freshness, the winds are getting warmer and the snow retracts more and more up the mountains .

June / July :

Summer has finally arrived. Midnight sun and warm days pamper the valley inhabitants . Rides to the river are now very popular .

The bird life in the valley is in full swing, everywhere birds nests and chicks hatching .

The sheep and the young horses are released into the mountains go to their summer pastures .


Early this month, Dalvik celebrates the ‘Big Fish Day‘. The whole village prepares for this huge event. Fish is prepared to be served in many different ways, fish soups are being served on Friday night in various places throughout the village.

August is especially nice to make a Riding tour up the mountain to the lake Nykurtjörn , which can be found up high on a mountain plateau behind our house . The Blueberry time has begun, many come home from their walks or rides with a purple blueberry mouth.


Time to get the sheep from the mountains to get them back home , as the Vikings already did 1,000 years ago .

You can still find plenty of blueberries and another Icelandic berry that we call Blackberries!


At the first weekend in October, the horses are driven out of the mountains into the separating corral . It is the day of the year all horse people have waited for with excitement .

How have the young horses developed over the summer?

Whether they all have been found and brought in from those huge summer pastures?

Winter can knock on the door and the first snowflakes often fall this month, .


November / December :

The young horses are being backed and then released back out to the winter pastures .

The days are getting shorter, you bake Christmas cookies and sit together in the evenings by candlelight.

In December, the houses are decorated with fairy lights , many Christmas concerts , Christmas bazaars and Christmas lights. Iceland is a real Christmas country.