Tina und Svabbi

Syðra- Garðshorn

621 Dalvík


Phone: 00354 4878009 mobile: 00354 6624216


Svavar Hreiðarsson , geb.13 . April 1971 , was early on a passionate rider. Even as a child he rode his big chestnut gelding from Dalvik to Akureyri . His great passion is pace racing. His passion for riding took him to Germany where he worked for ten years with Icelandic horses. There have been many Pace horses over the years, and some have found a permanent home on our farm Syðra- Garðshorn. So Hraðsuðuketill ( the chestnut gelding in the photo to the right) . Our Competition horses are all also excellent at sheep herding and enjoy long hacks. Svabbi does the shoeing of all the horses on the farm himself.



Christina Niewert started her riding career doing classical riding on big horses. At twelve, she discovered Iceland horses and from there, there was no return . She aquired her coaching license at the age of twenty-two at Walter Feldmanns yard. She further worked for Nana Degenhardt and Jon Steinbjörnsson. After having been at the Landsmot in 2000 she decided to go to Iceland for 3 three months to train young horses, but after those three month she decided to stay in Iceland! In 2011, her and Svavar fulfilled their dream and finally bought their own farm. Here in Svafaðardal they are happy and bring up their two sons Sindri Leo and Jon!


Sindri-Leo was born in 2001 and he loves all kind of birds. Sindri knows exactly what species of birds is breeding when and where, he spends most of the summer checking regularly on the birds down by the river and he keeps a diary about it.

Sindri even has his own little Chicken breeding operation having a little crop of chicks every year! He has Icelandic chickens and Silky chickens who roam free around the farm all summer.



Our youngest son Jon born in 2006 enjoys helping around the farm with the animals whenever school allows it! He also likes helping his dad on the tractor!



Unsere Hunde:

Tango - der Hund des Hofherrn, ein deutscher Schaefferhund geb.

2016. Tango ist ein Schaefferhund mit Leib und Seele, unglaublich treu seinem Herrn gegenueber und seiner Familie, zwei - und vierbeinig treu ergeben. Er liebt es taeglich Ausritte zu begleiten und wie ein echter Mann, auto - und treckerfahren.


Lady - die Damenhuendin, eine 2017 geb. Collihuendin mit einem Hauch Islandspitz. Lady liebt den Schnee und das islaendische Wetter. Ausritte begleiten und einfach draussen mit dabei sein - sie liebt es.


Nala - die kleine Huendin von Jon Svavar. Nala haben wir mit 8 Jahren aus der Tierhilfe und obwohl ein Stadthund hat sie sich sehr gut an das Leben als Land und - Hofhund gewöhnt!!

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